Monday, October 5, 2015

Investigating FLANEUR #6 on Fokionos Negri in Athens

FLANEUR magazine picks one street per issue and collects it's fragments. Last spring we had an event in the store with the magazine's publisher and founder Ricarda Messner, she talked with Toine Donk from Das Magazin about how the magazine started and how they work. The report and recording of the talk is here.
The new issue is about the Fokionos Negri in Athens. We went to Athens to investigate the new issue on the street itself.

Earlier issues were sometimes raw (Berlin, Kantstrasse) or dark (Leipzig, Georg-Schwarz-Strasse). The Athens issue feels more nostalgic and melancholic, looking at the past of the street that was build in the 60's in the Kypseli neighbourhood. It used to be a rich neighborhood, but now a lot of immigrants live there though quite a few older ladies refuse to leave their beloved Kypseli and mingle in with the new inhabitants, still flourishing the street looking tip top as in the old days.
One of the most beautiful stories in the issue is about the entrance halls and the porters that used to work there behind desks. Walking up and down Fokionos you find many beautiful examples with unmanned desks, big plants and 60's architecture. Elina Axioti writes that she tried to reconstruct "a lost memory of their presence" with great photography by Yiannis Hadjiaslanis.

Another article that takes on Fokionos' history are the drawings of artist Antonakis who pays homage to the 1968 movie The Punk of Fokionos Negri and it's leading actor Alkis Yannakas.
There's a photo reportage by Eirini Vourloumis who sketches a dreamy portrait of the street with combined photographs.

There is a chapter called "The People of Fokionos Negri"; seven Fokionos residents are portrayed like restaurant owner Kosmas who looks back on how he started his restaurant Phaedra and how his brothers in other neighborhoods are doing better with their taverns. Then there's Giannis & Stavros and the special wine they serve at their Souvlakopolion Rigani at the beginning of the street, the artist Antonakis who we met earlier in the issue talks about his love for the street and Polly who is 80 years old talks about her time living on Fokionos.

Issue 6 ends with "Traces of Resistance" by editor Fabian Saul who wrote a manifesto about a list of famous people who are connected together and are connected by the street, which makes you look at the street from a different angle.

The magazine shows Fokionos Negri's ghost and soul by looking closely to the fragments the people that live there now provide. A fantastic new issue.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

an evening with editor-in-chief Christoph Amend from ZEIT MAGAZIN in Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum, Thursday October 22

We're excited to announce that we will have an evening with editor-in-chief Christoph Amend from ZEIT MAGAZIN in the shop, Thursday October 22 at 18:30 - Spui 14 Amsterdam.

Zeit Magazin comes weekly with Die Zeit and since a few years they publish Zeit Magazin International - The Berlin State of Mind, articles from Zeit Magazin and new articles in English. It became one of our favourite reads here in the Newscentre! 
Please join us for a night of magazine talk with the Chefredakteur of one of Europe's best newspaper magazines. The new international edition will be available on the 22nd.

Friday, September 25, 2015

our evening with THE STATE

Last night we had a gathering in the shop with editor Ahmad Makia from Dubai based independent publication THE STATE. We talked about the different volumes of the title that zoom in on language, smell, the city of Dubai. The State is a place in the city that exists online and in print but is also a space where people come in to organise events, lectures, debates. The State was set up by Ahmad and Rahel Aima. We talked about censorship, the influence of literary magazines on the publication, publishing in the UAE, the We Love Print collective  (WTD, The Carton, The Outpost, The State) and how the titles work together.
It was interesting to learn more about the print and what the group does outside of the publication, since we only knew the hard copies. They change size and shape with every new volume and have fantastic designs and rich content. We still have them all in stock. 
Thanks Ahmad for joining us and Nikos Doulos for taking some pictures.

Friday, September 11, 2015

presentation and Q&A with editor Ahmad Makia from THE STATE

Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum invites you to join us for an evening with THE STATE, an independent magazine made in Dubai. Editor-in-chief Ahmad Makia will be in the store for a presentation of the magazine and a Q&A. Thursday September 24 at 18:30 in the newscentre, Spui 14.

The State is part of the We Love Print collective together with titles like The Carton, WTD and The Outpost. 
They just released a great new publication "Syntax Freezone" about sign language. The magazine is also about architecture, urbanism, politics, art and the Middle East. 

they say:
"THE STATE is a publishing and editorial platform based out of Dubai, U.A.E. interested in postcolonial vernaculars, South-South relations, the Gulf, alternative futurisms, and the future weird. 

Our online iteration includes essays and mixtapes. In our publishing arm, we produce themed print volumes, or book objects. We also host a discussion series, TRIANGULATIONS, in our Dubai studio Satellite, along with a range of film screenings, popups, and other programming."

Last year NRC Handelsblad published an article on The State and the independent publishing scene in the Middle East (read it here in Dutch).

Thursday, August 20, 2015


Fathers Quarterly #2 – veel ‘hippe’ bladen richten zich, hoewel het hele leven belicht wordt, toch vaak op vrouwen. Dit blad is voor mannen, en dan speciaal nog vaders. Had het vorige nummer een beeldige vader met een slapend kind op zijn schouder als coverfoto, dit tweede issue laat een vader en een zoon in een van takken zelfgemaakte tent zien. Vader prutst met iets of laat iets zien, zoon is vol aandacht en reikt ernaar. Dat raakt precies de kern van dit blad. Vaders zijn leuk, ambitieus, hebben vrienden en een fijn beroep. EN zijn de tofste vader die een kind in deze tijd zich kan wensen. Geen bellende of scrollende pappa die haast heeft, maar eentje die je meeneemt de natuur in. In Fathers Quarterly geen tips over hoe om te gaan met opvoedkundige zaken maar verhalen. Over vissen, het vinden van een saaie steen, de harmonie van een handgemaakte pijp, een interview met een filmmaker over zijn leven met een gehandicapte zoon, maskers en een Poolse architect die met zijn gezin op een mijncomplex woont. Dat alles verpakt in prachtige papier en dito fotografie.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Report: our evening with BENJI KNEWMAN

Last Thursday we had a great evening with Agnese Kleina, editor-in-chief of Benji Knewman, an independent magazine from Riga that only published two issues. She he told us that she sees the magazine as a place where everybody can be imperfect. There was a story about Jazeps Garancs, a 86 year old man from Riga who talks about his love life and girlfriends in the first issue and Agnese showed us some sneak previews of the upcoming third issue.

Then we did a Q&A and talked about the influence of Apartmento, Hello Mr. and The Happy Reader on the magazine, the business side of publishing independently, how the reaction to the title is in Latvia and why it's published bilingual. We found out that a large part of the people in the store were Latvian. Afterwards Agnese signed some copies of Benji Knewman. Thanks for coming over Agnese and thanks to Nikos Doulos for taking some pictures.

order Benji Knewman here

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

event with editor Agnese Kleina from BENJI KNEWMAN July 30 in Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum

Thursday July 30 at 18:30 we have a presentation in the store with editor Agnese Kleina from BENJI KNEWMAN. The magazine is just two issues old but is so unique that it was picked up immediately. Come find out what's behind this Riga based independent magazine and have a drink with us in the Newscentre, Spui 14, Amsterdam.

It’s a Latvian magazine based around an imaginary character who is listed as editor-at-large in the masthead, and whose editorial letter is written ‘early Saturday morning, after returning from a birthday party’. He really is an unwritten Wes Anderson character made not of flesh but of glossy paper and ink – ever-smiling, dreamy and adventurous. - Magculture

Sometimes half the fun of discovering a magazine is figuring out what on earth it’s all about. That’s definitely the case with the enigmatic Benji Knewman, a new title from Latvia that claims to be made by the eponymous Benji and fills its pages with personal reflections on people living endearingly normal lives. - Stack Magazines

“Hello, my name is Benjamin, but friends call me Benji,” begins the editor’s letter in the first edition of Benji Knewman, a new printed publication with the tagline “life that you can read.” Benji Knewman’s tone is so warm and inviting and tinged with the accent of its native Latvia that we can’t decide whether Benji’s a real life contributor (he’s listed as editor-at-large on the masthead) or a fictional construct created to lure us in. If it’s the former, we apologise for doubting you Benji, but if it’s the latter, it’s working marvellously. -
It's Nice That

Friday, June 19, 2015

Pulp de Luxe

On Thursday 25th of June we will host the launch of the 25th issue of Pulp de Luxe. A wayward mag for advanced creative thinkers.Online so far; the celebration of the 25th issue is the best reason for a printed edition. Curious? Welcome from 6pm. For early birds there's a chance for a signed piece of art by Rob Scholte; he will be there!